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Dear Frontiernet customer:

As we said in a recent telephone conversation, Frontier is changing the IP address that you use for your Internet connection(s). We have worked to make this transition easy for most customers, though we do need to schedule an exact time that you can work with a technician over the phone to complete the process.

We have prepared some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help you understand how the change will happen.

What is an IP address?

Just as each building on a street has a unique address, so does each computer or server on the Internet. This "address scheme" allows other computers or servers to distinguish between every other computer or server on the Internet. For example a number such as "" is the Internet Protocol (IP) address for a specific computer or server.

Why is Frontier updating my IP address?

Due to network updates at Frontier, you will need a new IP address.

Your IP address contains numbers that identify your location on our network.  This network update will require a new number.

Who does the update impact?

The IP address update impacts Business Class High-Speed Internet customers on the Frontier network.  Impacted customers have static IP addresses. A static IP address is an IP address which is the same every time you log on to the Internet.

We have identified your company as one of the businesses affected.

When will the change happen?

If we have already scheduled the date and time for your update, you will see that noted at the top of this letter.  Please check this information to make sure it is accurate. If it is not, please call me at XXXXXXXX so that we can make corrections.

If you do not see a scheduled date and time for this update, please contact us at XXXXXXXXXX to schedule or perform the update.

How do I schedule the update?

First, you will need to identify the individual at your business that will manage the update. This could be your “IT person”, network administrator, or web server/mail server administrator.

If you have a vendor that maintains your website, you may need to involve your vendor as well.

Once you have the correct people please contact us at XXXXXXXXXX to schedule.

What do we have to do?

The amount of work is dependent on how your Frontier Internet Service is configured.  There are many variations so there is no quick answer.  To make this as easy for our valued customers as possible, we have assembled a specialized team of IP Administrators that are 100% dedicated to this project.  

You will be assigned one dedicated IP Administrator who will work with you to help you make the necessary changes as quickly and easily as possible.  You will work with the same IP Administrator throughout this project.

How will the change in IP address happen?

You will need to schedule your update with one of our IP administrators.

We need schedule the update for the following reasons:

  •  Your Internet connection will be “down” when this update happens. Normally, the update will only take a few minutes, but you may need to inform your employees and/or customers of the brief interruption in service.
  •  Frontier will have a representative assigned to assist with this transfer to make sure that it goes smoothly.

These are the steps that the Frontier Technician will perform during the update:

  1.  Your account record will be updated with the new IP information.
  2.  Your LAN IP will be changed in the DSL modem (if you have a LAN block).
  3.  Your modem configuration will be re-verified.
  4.  Your modem will be power cycled. This will commit the new IP address.

Larger businesses with many IP addresses will take longer, so please schedule your time accordingly.

What if my company has a web site?

The URL (www.yourwebsite.com) used for your business does not need to be changed, but you will need to make sure that that your website is associated with your new IP address (DNS).

Your website administrator or vendor may need to update this record.  An update should only need to occur if your web server or e-mail server is located at your place of business and connected to the Frontier High-Speed network.

What if I operate a LAN or Voice Mail server?

Your IT administrator or vendor needs to be aware and involved as this change is happening so the appropriate updates can be made to your network.

Can Frontier make the changes on our equipment?

Our IP Administrators are not permitted to access or modify any customer owned equipment.  You will be responsible for all changes to customer owned/leased equipment.  

What happens if I do not make this change?

At some point in the near future the network will become unavailable and you will not be able to access the Internet. Since the change is usually quick and easy, it makes sense to do this as soon as possible.

Who do we contact with questions, problems, etc?

Your single point of contact for all questions, problems, issues or anything else related to IP renumbering is your dedicated IP Administrator. Their contact information is listed at the bottom of this letter.

If you have any questions or need to schedule your transition, you can contact me at XXXXXXXXXX. I will be happy to help you with this change,


(Your Name)

Frontier IP Administration Team

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