General Information

Frontier follows ARIN's IP policy on the allocation of IP address space as described in RFC 2050.

To request IPs please contact your local Sales Team. Your Sales Team will assist you in filling out the template and ensure it is received by the IP Analyst in a timely manner.

General Guidelines

IP Addresses are available from Frontier for Frontier internet customers only and are not transferable. You must provide a valid Circuit ID or PO number to demonstrate that you are going to use Frontier for your internet connection in order for your request to be considered. The template will be filled out for you by the Sales Engineer or you will be asked to fill it out and give it back to the Sales Engineer as soon as possible. Upon completion of the template the Sales Engineer will submit the request to the IP Analyst for processing. Forms will be processed within three to five working days of receipt of a properly filled out request.

End user organizations (non-ISP)

ARIN's current policies call for 25% immediate utilization of the IP space you are requesting with at least 50% in use by the end of one year. If you are in need of IP addresses please contact your Frontier Sales Team.

ISP Organizations

ARIN's guidelines require a minimum of 50% immediate utilization and 80% utilization at the end of 3 months. If you are in need of IP addresses please contact your Frontier Sales Team.

ISPs are strongly advised to read and understand ARIN's policies on the administration of IP space before submitting a request for IP addresses. You should also be familiar with the following:

  1. RFC1878 Variable Length Subnet Table
  2. Variable Length Subnet Tutorial
  3. SWIP Help Page

Guidelines for Requesting Additional Address Space

End user organizations (non-ISP)

Organizations will be assigned address space based on immediate utilization plus a 1 year projected utilization. Internet Registries(Frontier) must examine each address space request in terms of `the requesting organization's networking plans. These plans should be documented, and the following information should be included as outlined in section 3.2 of RFC 2050:

  1. subnetting plans for at least one year:
    1. a tabular listing of all subnets on the network
    2. its associated subnet masks
    3. the estimated number of hosts
    4. a brief descriptive remark regarding the subnet
  2. a description of the network topology
  3. a description of the network routing plans, including the routing protocols to be used as well as any limitations.

This information should be submitted along with the End User request template when requesting additional address space.

ISP Organizations

Section 2.1.3 of RFC 2050 states, "ISPs are required to utilize address space in an efficient manner. To this end, ISPs should have documented justification available for each assignment." ISPs that receive CIDR blocks of IP addresses either directly or indirectly from ARIN must provide reassignment information via SWIP. SWIP (The Shared Whois Project) was created to automate the reassignment process. Reassignment information must be kept current. New information should be provided within one week of when the assignment is made.


Frontier Communications operates RWHOIS in accordance with Section 3.2 "Distributed Information Server User Requirements" and as outlined in the Number Resource Policy Manual. This is a referral server that is operated and maintained by Frontier Communications. In place of utilizing the ARIN WHOIS database for all Re-assignments and Re-allocations, Frontier is using the RWHOIS server: An ARIN SWIP will not be sent to ARIN unless Frontier IP Engineering deems it necessary or upon customer request. Customers who qualify to request an ARIN SWIP must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a Re-Allocation from Frontier of a /24 or more. (exceptions can be made based on circumstances)
  2. Customer commitment to update ARIN on all POC and ORG changes
  3. Customer commitment to send Re-assignment SWIPs into ARIN

To check RWHOIS or ARIN WHOIS data, the best web site to use is

The SWIP Process

ARIN assigns a unique maintainer id to each ISP allocated IP address space. Only the ISP allocated that range of IP address space will be allowed to modify the data for the records that are contained within that range. Once the SWIP template has been completed, email the file to for review and processing. The SWIP templates will be automatically parsed for insertion into the WHOIS database. Any errors found will result in the template being returned for correction. ARINs Whois database will accept classless reassignment information for /29 and shorter prefix lengths. SWIP templates can be retrieved via anonymous FTP at

In addition to the SWIP process

The format below should be used to provide the required information for utilization of blocks smaller than /29 and for describing internal networks. This information should be submitted along with the ISP IP request template when requesting additional address space.

City Which IP Addresses Assigned No. of Ports No. of Dial-up Clients
City Which IP Addresses Assigned No. of Internal Machines Purpose
Which IP Addresses Assigned List URLs for Websites

Please note

According to the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), that until your prior utilization is verified to meet the 80% requirement, Frontier can neither process nor approve a request for additional addresses.


Any further problems and questions can be addressed to